Sri Utama Sports Day 2015

Sports is a great importance for students for it teaches discipline and also helps develop the spirit of sportsmanship. Students learn the qualities of leadership and working unitedly. Sri Utama held their sports day 22nd Sports Day of 2015 on  the 7th of March 2015.

Preparations for sports day were made much in advanced. As students arrived at school, they started to assist in setting up their respective house tents with decorations that they have already prepared.

At 8.15 am, parents gathered at the patio to watch their children march by with determination in their eyes wanting their house to be the champion. The head prefects of primary and secondary lead the pledge followed by an inspiring speech by Sri Utama’s Vice Principal. As students gathered at their respective tents, the judges walked around to see which house deserved to win the house decoration prize.

The next event was gymrama by the Kindergarten students followed by Primary then Secondary students. After the wonderful performances, it was time for the telematches for all students starting with Kindergarten school. Everyone had so much spirit within them wanting their team to be the winner.

Lastly, the ceremony ended with the prize giving ceremony. Students were given prizes for the telematches, gymrama and Athlete of the year. When it came to the house positions, a silence fell over the assembly area, everyone wanting to hear clearly who was going to be the winner. After several intense seconds, the Red House were crowned in first place for Secondary school and Blue House for Primary School.

Sri Utama Track Event 2015

This year, Sri Utama’s track events was held on the 3rd of march at the UIA Stadium . Track events aren’t only held for students to have fun and test their limits but also teaches the spirit of teamwork as it creates the backbone of a great team.

Students arrived at school at 7.30 am and took the school busses to the stadium. Upon the arrival, students headed up to the stadium’s seats to watch the races begin. House master’s gathered their athletes and gave them motivation for them to perform their best. The track events began with a 100 meter and 200 meter race for Class 1 and 2 for boys and girls. These races started with the Primary School followed by the Secondary School. A 400 meter x 100 meter race was also conducted where 4 students form a team and build up team spirit to win the race. The day continued with the 200x100m relay. After the races had ended, students gathered their belongings and headed towards the school busses to return to school.


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