Report on Sri Utama Schools Annual Camping 2015
Done by: Aekkraj Ganesan

On the 13th of April 2015, Sri Utama Schools had their Annual Camping for the year 2015. This was open to all students aged 10-16 (primary 4-secondary 4). It was held at Kalumpang Resorts, Hulu Selangor.  5 teachers, Ms Lizette, Ms Irnada, Ms Aziah, Mr Alfredo, and Mr Mukhlis were in charge of taking care of all 64 students throughout the three days.

All students reached safely along with the teachers at Kalumpang Resorts. As soon as they took out their bags, they went into the resort’s hall for a short welcoming speech by our vice principal, Ms Komal Khorana. Later on, the students were divided into groups to go to their dorms. There were two dorms, one for boys, and one for girls. After leaving the bags, the students went back into the hall for the first and second Activity to start. After that the students had a short tea break.

The students were given a break for two hours to pray, rest and shower. At 8.00pm, all students were told to go to the cafeteria to have their dinner. By 9, all students were gathered at the Hall for a briefing on the last activity of the day, Night walk. This activity was to overcome the students’ fear of the dark and to show how alert their minds are. All students finished it in time and no students were injured. At 11.00pm, all students were sent back to their dorms to sleep.

The students gathered at the field for an aerobic conduct to not get cramps for the future activities. At 8.00am the students had their breakfast and went to the field for a team building activity. The activity was to see which group could balance most tubes on the ground. At 10.30am, the students were given another break then were called to the hall. A Mount Everest climber from Malaysia gave a talk about not losing hope. It was touching and made us more determined on not giving up. At 1.00pm, all students had lunch and changed into their attire for Explorace and River Crossing. All the students accomplished the activity safely and none got injured. After river crossing, the students were given a big bucket with holes in it and there were small balls, the goal was to get it filled up until the ball goes out without letting water out from the bucket.

Again, all students were given a break to get ready for barbeque night. At 7.30, all students met at the cafeteria to have dinner. The buffet dinner was scrumptious and nobody could complain. Everyone looked pleased and happy with the food. After everyone was done eating, we had many performances, acting and singing. And then we had games, and everyone had fun. (there was even a magician!) at 11pm, the students went back to their dorms and slept.

The students went to the field for another aerobic conduct then was led to another side of Kalumpang with many obstacles. It was tough going through all of it but it sure was fun and exciting.  We had breakfast and we packed our bags to go back to Sri Utama for the closing ceremony.

All the students went to the school hall to listen to the closing ceremony and prize giving to the groups. All students were given a certificate of participation and got sweets and candies before they left. We had a really great time spending three days at Kalumpang with all my friends and teachers. It was definitely worth going for.


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