Discipline is the core of every community. In a school community, discipline is needed for students to strive forward and accomplish great things. For without it, there would be no controlled
behaviour over situations. Prefects play a very important role in the management of discipline in schools. This is why every year, Sri Utama holds their prefect installation to introduce new batches of prefects to replace those who have finished their role. Students are appointed cautiously and democratically so as to ensure that the right batch has been chosen for an effective system.

Before being initiated as a prefect, the selected students first go through a 1 month probationary period to get accustomed and prepared to continue their school life as a prefect. Different duties are assigned to these probates to handle to test their communication skills towards students and also  After close observation on behavior and academic results, probates will then be assessed by teachers and elected as a prefect. This year’s prefect installation was done in February. During assembly, the new batch new prefects are introduced one by one followed by the new head and assistant head prefect of 2015 in front of the students and handed their badge by the vice principle.

The event then proceeds by an oath lead by the new head prefect of Sri Utama where prefects swear to perform their best and lead by example with discipline towards the students. The oath ended by a roaring sound of applause from students to welcome the new batch of prefects from 2015.


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