Teacher’s Day is a special day intended for the appreciation of teachers. On the 22nd of May 2015, Sri Utama held their Teacher’s Day celebration to honour teachers for their special contribution to the school community. A stage was prepared on this day for several performances by both teachers and students.

As the event commenced, the Kompang boys marched out of the block leading the way to the seats of all the teachers while students cheered and chanted loudly with full of spirit for their teachers. The event started by the reading of doa followed by a heartwarming speech by the Vice Principal, Ms Komal Khorana. After the big round of applause, all teachers were invited onto the stage for a teachers pledge and song.

The opening act of the event was by Elizabeth Chea in Primary 4 who sang ‘You raise me up’ dedicated towards the teachers. Following that was a performance by a group of Primary 6 students dancing to a Korean song. As primary performances concluded, two groups of Form 4 secondary students presented two lovely songs called ‘Falling Short’ and ‘The Swan Lake’.

The event was followed by four telematches for teachers. The first telematch was a Candy Game where teachers had to form teams and use a set of chopsticks to move the candy from one basin to the other. The second was a Balloon Game where teachers  have to compete to blow the balloon and make it pop the fastest by sitting on it.

As the telematches were going on, teachers were being motivated by the loud chants from their students cheering them on.  The third telematch was a Cake Decorating challenge where teachers form two teams and use recycle boxes with the material provided to decorate and make a cake. The team with the nicest cake was then chose by En Hassan. The last telematch consisted of teachers in to teams where they had to remember a list of objects in 10 seconds then repeat as many as they can. Followed after the eye capturing telematches held by the teachers, was the prize giving session for all teachers who won their respective games.

After the whole ceremony, teachers and students returned to their classes to further celebrate the event. All Students have attempted their best to organize and decorate the class to make their teachers feel appreciated on this fine day. From 10.00am to 11.30am, both students and teachers are given the time to bond and share their memories of  the past and present. A variety of food were also brought by students to share among their fellow classmates and teachers. The day soon concluded with students using teamwork to pick up and tidy after their class in a disciplined manner together.

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