This year the annual concert was held on Sunday the 14th June 2015 at HGH Convention Centre in Sentul entitle Oliver Twist. The story was about an orphan who ran away to England where he was trained to be a pick pocket. There were a lot of twist and turn in the story. Where in the end Oliver turn out to have inherited a fortune from his father who has died.

The teachers in charge for the concert are Pn Jasvinder Kaur and Mr Gonzalo. Pn Jasvinder Kaur who was responsible in editing the script and to oversee the whole concert while Mr Gonzalo was responsible to train the main cast. With the help of the student committee Mahrukh Rafi, Lim Jia Hui, Kimberlie, Kim Konstantin, Nur Damia, Noor Zainuddin Muhammad Danish and Alexander Adam from Form 4 the concert was organized successfully. The 23 main casts did very well in presenting the whole play. With dedication and hard work the main casts made sure they play their role well. The 22 dances from Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school also has help in making the show a success and fun to watch. Dedication from students to show off their talents, the music that makes your feet to dance along and their colourful costume has made the show a success.

The concert started sharp 10.00 am with the grand entrance of the VIPs. The VIPs were En Hassan Mohd Ali and Puan Siti Faridah. The VIPs were greeted by a group of students from various dance who lined along the red carpet. The show started with a video presentation of the concert followed by an acapella performance by the Form 1UIS students. After the performance from the Kindergarten the play started. It was a smooth flow from the beginning to the end of the show. The show ended with the price giving ceremony for the best actor, best supporting actor, best dance and best costume.

The winners were

  1. Best actor  –  Adel Zachary Ezani who played Oliver Twist
  2. Best Supporting Actor – Hamzah Dalbani who played Fagin
  3. Best Dance Primary – Indian Festival Dance
  4. Best Dance Secondary – Ballroom Dance
  5. Best Costume Primary – Fancy Dance
  6. Best Costume Secondary – Malay Dance

The concert ended at 1.00 pm.

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