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Sri Utama Schools

Sri Utama Schools brings together a team of established and experienced individuals who provides fresh and innovative ideas as well as strategic solutions towards education management and development that enriches the value of our clients’ business.

Sri Utama Schools has 3 campuses in Malaysia; with Kuala Lumpur being the main campus and branches campuses in Kuala Terengganu and Johor Bahru. We provide an environment that administer and promotes student’s unique development.

Our campuses provide a warm and personal atmosphere that allows us to create a supportive yet personally challenging environment where every student is given equal opportunity and feels respected and valued.

  •  ​At the main gate, children are welcome by teachers in the mornings and sent off in the afternoon at 3.00 pm after school. As we walk along the fully covered driveway, we will pass through the bookshop and the uniform shop. This is very convenient for parents to get what they need for their children.

  • The Principal’s office is just beside the meeting room.

  • As we walk further ahead, we can see the Kindergarten’s playgrounds and gazebo which is situated just in front of the Kindergarten block.

  • The first school block (Block A) houses the Primary National School and the second block (Block B) houses the Secondary National School. Facilities available in Block A are the Computer Labs, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Laboratories

  • The Library and reading area is located in Block B. The driveway between Block A and B allows school buses access into the School compound to send and collect students who comes by the school buses thus ensuring their safety.

  • In Block B, there is also the Living Skills Lab, where students experience cooking, woodwork and electronic projects.

  • The fully air-conditioned school hall is in Block E and can accommodate 150 guests when the school main events are held. The first floor of the block offers a conducive environment where the public examinations are held.

  • Besides the hall is the school’s half-size Olympic swimming pool with depth ranging from 3 feet to 5 feet deep. There is also a wading pool for the kindergarten students.

  • Adjacent to the pool is a 2-acre field where the annual school sport is held. At the field is the basketball court, football field and covered badminton courts.

  • The school canteen is managed by Si Utama Schools.

  • In Block D is the music room and the prayer hall.

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