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Utama International School (UIS), has provided excellent education to students from Kindergarten through to Year 11 since 1994. The school has established a reputation for academic excellence, as well as for providing a well-rounded educational program designed to foster student’s moral, social, and academic development. The knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity of our highly qualified and innovative staff inspire students to develop a lifelong commitment to learning.

Utama International Schools’ teaching staff are well qualified, trained and experienced with a wealth of pedagogical knowledge. Our teachers hail from a variety of nationalities, reflecting the international nature of our school community. They provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities, and inspire students through their contemporary teaching methods. Utama International Schools teachers follow a well-planned and strategically organized curriculum provided by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) board.

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Sekolah Sri Utama is a co-educational institutions approved and recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Education for both secondary and primary schools.

The curriculum consists of all the required learning experiences which Sekolah Sri Utama provides for its students to ensure that they have opportunities to develop and grow in areas of :

                * Knowledge and understanding.

                * Competency in a wide range of skills.

                * Personal qualities, values and attitudes.

 Medium of Instruction

Bahasa Malaysia is the medium of instruction (as per the policy set by the national Education Ministry requirement). However a strong emphasis is placed on the use of English, both written and oral (also in line with the objectives of the national education Ministry).

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